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What A Wonderful World!

What a meeting! The corroded laws in this country  really made me  tired  and I have to take a long nap in the afternoon to recharge back. 

How does a smoker react when he knew the place was a non smoker zone or when he’s in the air condition place? We all knew that in the public building he has to leave or find a rest room to smoke his cigarette. How successful have the govt implemented this regulations and had forced many smokers to be in auto pilot searching for restroom. We don’t see any enforcement officer at all but how did their behavior changed just like that. I remember entering the old theater to watch movies and noticed many smokers does not comply to the new rulings and can never withstand the smoke . It takes time for them to change isn’t it but it works until today. The Cinema is Smoke Free now.

That was like 20 years ago and now we are in the Digital Age where IPOD and IPhone had already reach their prime generation. Air Asia has a cheap flight to Australia too. Organic Food and WheatGrass had became one of the Dietary food. 

So you tell me can we stop Open Burning ? By Friday we should all know by then what has transpired from today’s meeting with YB Elizabeth Wong.


I end this with a breathtaking picture I took in Cameron Highland and seeing that guy so happy when he reached the PeakPoint at Boh Tea Plantation, I was wondering if he came from the same area as me when i escaped from this Johan Setia Smoke pollution.

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When the going get tough, The tough get going!


Press Invitation

Open Burning at Kampung Johan Setia

To: Oriental Daily – Fax: 2694 9115

China Press – Fax: 2282 5327

Nanyang Siang Pau – Fax: 7872 6800

The Sun – Fax: 7785 2624/5

Sin Chew – Fax: 7955 6881

Kwang Wah – Fax: 2142 1402

TV3 News Desk – Fax: 7729 3509

NTV7 – Fax: 5569 5277

Astro Bernama News – Fax: 2698 3325

Malaysiakini – Fax: 2289 2579

Malay Mail – Fax: 7947 2299

Berita Harian – Fax: 2282 2425

Venue: Meeting Room,

Majlis Perbandaran Klang

Bangunan Sultan Alam Shah,

Jalan Perbandaran,

41675 Klang Bandar Diraja, Selangor, MALAYSIA

Tel: 03-3371 6044

Hotline : 03-3371 4404

Fax: 03-3372 0344

Time: 10am-11am

Date: 6 October 2008, Monday

Coordinator: SmokeChasers


A meeting has been called by State tourism, consumer affairs and environment committee

chairman YB Elizabeth Wong to discuss the progress of open burning issue at Kampung Johan


The followings parties have been invited to attend the meeting:

1. YB Teng Chang Khim, Selangor State Assembly Speaker and resident of Putra Heights

2. YB Dr. Siti Mariah Mahmud, Kota Raja MP

3. YB En.Shuhaimi Hj. Shafiei

4. YB Hannah Yeoh, ADUN for Subang Jaya

5. Pn.Rabiah Omar (MPSJ Council)

6. Resident Representative of Putra Heights

7. Resident Representative of Kota Kemuning

8. Resident Representative of Bandar Puteri Klang

9. Resident Representative of Bukit Rimau

10. Resident Representative of Bandar Botanic Klang


23 Aug 2001 DOE Monitoring Open Burning From The Air – Malay Mail

25 June 2004 DOE director general Rosnani Ibrahim said DOE and the Police Air Wing

inspected open burning activities in Kampung Johan Setia and Kampung

Jalan Kebun in Klang

19 Jul 2006 The deterioration of the air quality in several areas in Selangor of late is

due to the open burning on agricultural peat soil in Johan Setia in Klang

and Sungai Belangkang, said DOE – Bernama

20 Jul 2006 Selangor DOE loses open burning cases in court – The Star

16 Feb 2007 Open burning still happening here – Selangor – Malayiankini

5 Jun 2007 Open burning a big issue in Kota Kemuning – The Star

7 Jun 2007 Be the eyes and ears of the DOE – The Star

6 Jun 2008 Landowners told to stop open burning or lose land titles – The Star

26 Jun 2008 Hot issue for Putra Heights folks – The Star

7 Aug 2008 Residents living in smoke – Malay Mail

15 Aug 2008 Vengeful towkays likely responsible for peat fires – The Star

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To Be NO 1 Environmentalist.

WOW! Can you live like them? They don’t drive and they don’t own a car. I starts to question myself. how difficult can it be . It needs a lot of discipline and sheer will to change this lifestyles. Eating Vegetarian?? Yucks!! 



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Children of Men.

Hey Mr Kampung,

Why do you need so many children ? Why you have to bring them into this world and see them die in your own hand. So, Stop Burning Now!.

The Plastic and Hazardous Materials you threw in the fire is killing them fast and is unknown to everyone.

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Bakar Untuk Masa Depan!

Kami Tak Takut Pun – Arsonist

Recent Photos taken by me yesterday

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Say GoodBye To Mother Earth.

If the Main Title doesn’t make anyone of you sad enough, just read this post provided by a resident of Putraheights. The web forum is

Ok Let me share with you all the research he has made and i am grateful that Mr HO has come forward to share his research. We cannot wait any longer anymore  ,our weather is getting bad to worse and only now we are aware of the Air quality  had turn out to be Gas , toxic and dusts . Where is our FREE and PURE O2?

Do we need Oxygen Bar now?

His name is Mr Ho Min Khang , a resident of Putraheights and we were quite shocked to hear his medical record when his supporting documents had now classified him as a patient  suffering from Smoker Lung , apparently he never smoke any tobacco at all. His discovery was a bit too late after 2 years living in an Environment where there was no Warning System to alert anyone. 

Let me post all his materials here so that more public will take this fight seriously.

here goes….


Hope this will be useful to for you to put on your blog ….

I have compile the following proof of haze’s health impact:



1. The Monitoring of The Impact of Forest Fire on Public Health in
Malaysia, 2005 

2. The Impact of Fine Particles on Health, 2007 

3. Polluted Cities – The air children breathe  ( Look at our air quality compare to the first world countries )

4. Woodsmoke Health Effects, 2007

Here are more:

The following are extracted from

What are the pollutants in the SE Asian smoke-haze?
The major pollutants are associated with forest fires:

1. fine particulate matter: this is mainly ash and dust from the
burning of green vegetation and wood. Incomplete combustion may
produce irritant smoke. Complex organic compounds like polycyclic
aromatic hydrocarbons which may be irritant or carcinogenic (i.e.
cause cancer) may also be produced.

2. carbon monoxide: poisonous gas occurring because of incomplete
burning. In a city environment, the source of carbon monoxide
pollution usually comes from vehicles.
nitrogen dioxide: this is produced from atmospheric nitrogen when coal
or wood is burnt.

3. carbon dioxide: results from combustion of wood and coal are burnt.
In high quantities (more than 5000 ppm), it would present a danger.
The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) estimates that six months of
fires in Indonesia could produce release more carbon dioxide than all
the cars and power plants in Western Europe could do in one year.

What are the common illnesses caused by the haze?
There are six major haze-related illnesses which Singapore doctors
have identified: acute bronchitis, respiratory infections, acute
rhinitis or running nose, asthma, bronchitis and eczema or skin
rashes. Other conditions include eye irritations. Some of the symptoms
are flu-like. Those with heart problems may require additional
medication. In a haze situation, clinic and hospital attendances for
these diseases tend to rise dramatically. This is normal, and the
public should not be alarmed.

In the US, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognizes that
many scientific studies have linked fine particulate matter with a
series of health problems, including:

– premature death;
– respiratory-related hospital admissions and emergency room visits;
– aggravated asthma;
– acute respiratory symptoms, including aggravated coughing and
difficult or painful breathing;
– chronic bronchitis;
– decreased lung function that can be experienced as shortness of breath;
– work and school absences.

Who are most at risk from the haze?
Those most at risk include:

– the elderly: US studies estimate that tens of thousands of elderly
people die prematurely each year from exposure to ambient levels of
fine particles. Many of the hospital admissions related to fine
particle pollution are elderly people with lung or heart diseases.

– those with pre-existing heart or lung diseases: individuals with
heart disease, emphysema, asthma and chronic bronchitis can be
adversely affected, requiring additional medical treatment. US studies
have associated inhaling fine particulate matter with increased
hospital admissions, emergency room visits and premature death among
sensitive populations.

–  children: because children’s respiratory systems are still
developing, they are mores susceptible than healthy adults. US studies
have associated exposure to fine particles among children with
increased frequency of childhood illnesses (which may affect the
future development of healthy lungs), reduced lung function, increased
respiratory symptoms, aggravated coughing and difficulty of pain in

– asthmatics and asthmatic children: asthma is becoming more serious
in Singapore (and around the world), being the seventh highest
contributor to deaths (Source: Ministry of Health). In Singapore, one
in about 5 children have asthma. Breathing fine particles can
aggravate asthma, resulting in more medical treatment and hospital

At home, will normal air-con filters be enough?
No, because the air-con filters are too porous to be effective against
the haze. You can fit ENV-approved filters in the air-con. However,
your air-con airflow will drop because of the filter, and your room
may not be as cool. Also, these filters tend to be lower-grade, which
does trap haze-dust, but with lower efficiency than medical-grade air

This is because air-con motors are not designed to pull large volumes
of air through dense medical-grade filters. So, any filter to be
retrofitted has to work by electrostatic means, which means that their
starting efficiency is low compared to medical-grade True HEPA
filters, and their operating efficiency is even much lower, as the
filters degrade. However, this is a good compromise if the family is
healthy, and the budget is tight.



Will air cleaners help?
Yes, the Ministry of Environment has tested selected air cleaners and
found them to be helpful against the haze. Different machines have
different efficiencies. You should get an ENV-approved air cleaner
with a built-in motor that circulate the air, and preferably one with
medical-grade True HEPA filters.
This is the best and most effective indoor option against the haze,
giving far superior results than other methods. True HEPA filters are
rated at a minimum of 99.97% efficiency at particles of size 0.3
microns (i.e. 3/10,000th of 1 mm; this is the particle size that is
most difficult to filter). The efficiency at sizes both larger and
smaller than 0.3 micron, is practically 100.00%. A True HEPA’s
efficiency does not degrade with use. This is why hospital operating
rooms and high-end industrial cleanrooms use True HEPA filters
exclusively as their main filters.

Thank You Mr Ho for sharing with us and we pray that you will overcome your health condition as soon as possible. 

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Meteorological Department Website

Click on the Pic to go to their website or

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TowKay in Deep Trouble!

TowKay Revenge!

I wonder for how long can the TowKay continue their revenge. Since they were the one started the fire last time , i believe Govt  not stupid to believe  any tom , dick and harry will be so free to drive all the way just to teach the government a lesson for helping the Rakyat.

Do it again and you be in Jail , towkay.


Just reward those immigrants with money like the Classic Cowboy Wanted Posters  and they will hunt them like a Bounty Hunter.

The Govt can then charge the Penalty Fees to the Culprit and he bears everything of it including the fees of Poster, Loudspeaker Van,Fencing, manpower cost etc…

TowKay Wanted!

Maybe, there’s a holiday home for this people.. probably they think inside is better than outside. Let me show them the 5 star room.

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Welcome to Putra Highland.

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Cleared, Cleaned and Sanitized.

Good work by the Pakatan Rakyat especially  Elizabeth Wong, MPSJ , DOE and all the people involved? Yes, Miracles do happen if all of us work together as a team.

See the Pic of the Clearance near Bkt Lanchong.

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